How do I become a member?

The RRCAT Staff Club membership is limited only for the RRCAT Employees, AECS Indore Employees and Visiting DAE Employees. Click here to apply online for the membership and registering on the Website
Membership Fees:
₹ 720 per year. (Yearly membership, can be paid monthly at ₹ 60 per month from salary deduction)
Cancellation & Refund policy:
100% refund permissible if cancelled within 15 days provided no services are availed. 

I forget my username and I don't remember the email I used to register or I don't have access to it. What to do ?

Please Contact - Administrator

How do I change my password and/or profile ?

Click "Edit Profile" button in the user profile page which can be accessed using the link given below.

I get the message you account is blocked when I try to login.

This means your account is not activated yet. All the accounts are activated manually. You may Contact - Administrator if your account is not activated within reasonable amount of time. Please note that the account of RRCAT Staff Club members only will be activated. If you are not a member then please apply online first before registering to the website. 

What about privacy of my information I submit/store to the website ?

The data you submit and collected by the website is strictly used for its intended purpose. Your personal information is never shared with anyone. Please read our Policy for more information. 

How secure is my password and other confidential information?

The RRCAT Staff Club website is served using HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) server which is HTTP through a secured connection. Communications through an HTTPS server are encrypted by a secure certificate known as an SSL. The encryption prevents third-parties from eavesdropping on communications to and from the server. Your password is stored in an encrypted form in the database on the server and it is not possible to decrypt the password. You must choose a strong password for safety. 

Cable TV & Internet

How to apply for the Cable-TV and/or FTTH-Internet subscription and related things ?

Visit the Cable TV & Internet Forms page to apply online. Please note that the offline applications are not accepted. 

Where do I find Cable-TV and/or FTTH-Internet subscription related information like plans, charges, payment etc. ?

Visit Cable-TV Plans & Charges & Internet Plans & Charges pages for more information. 

Can I subscribe only for Cable-TV or FTTH-Internet ?

Yes, you can subscribe only for Cable-TV, only for FTTH-Internet or both.

Where do I complain regarding my Cable TV/Internet services ?

Please use the following contacts to register your complain.

1. Ext. 7077, (0731 248 7077) (SRC Control Room, RRCAT Colony)

2. Mr. Pankaj : 99776 50940

3. Register your complaint online at Complain - Cable TV & Internet  or

4. Send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

5. Mr. Ashok Agrawal (Proprietor) : 9301508282

You may Contact - Satellite Reception Committee if your complain is not resolved within a reasonable time period.